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Front End Development concerns how the design of a website, program or software is implemented and interacts when it is live. Front End Developers will have a wide knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript that runs inside the user’s browser and make sure that everything within the system connects properly.

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Posted Job Title Salary / Daily Rate Location Type
Posted27/11/2020 Salary / Daily Rate€450 - €500 LocationDublin South TypeContract
Posted20/11/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin City Centre TypeContract
Posted9/11/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin TypeContract

Front End Developers will also make sure there are no bugs or errors, as well as ensuring the design appears as it should over the various platforms and browsers. It is helpful if Front End Developers have a knowledge of JavaScript and Front End Frameworks, as well as cross-browser developments, to help limit the time and mistakes of their work. Senior Front End Developers must have a thorough understanding of control management systems and be comfortable with solving or instructing their team, in the jobs involved with development work.

It is the responsibility of the Senior Front End Developer to plan for any problems that may arise and list the possible solutions. However, there may be some issues that are unplanned and will result in some quick creative problem skills to come into play. It is therefore that Senior Front End Developers have substantial industry experience and knowledge to ensure that they achieve the best possible results for their clients and/or organisation.