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Quality Assurance Engineers (QA Engineers) monitor every stage of software development to certify that the quality of the design, as well as ensuring the software meets the guidelines outlined by the company.

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QA Engineers will be involved in all aspects of the design process and will be required to write, control and review source code, so a thorough understanding and experience of coding are required. The individual in the job role will often have a role to play in the configuration management, testing, integration of software and the release management. The Quality Assurance Engineer will, therefore, have a set of goals for each phase to achieve throughout the project. QA Engineers will make sure that the final product, program or software designed meets not only the organisation and governmental guidelines, but meets the expectations of the consumer.

In many cases, the QA Engineers will work closely with all the teams to ensure that the budgets are adhered to in the effort to ensure a healthy return on investment for the organisation. In addition, they will advise on the best times for the software to hit the market and work closely with all the teams to ensure they meet this deadline.

The role can often be confused with software testers who will only spot-check the program at different stages of the development, whilst Quality Assurance jobs will oversee the software during each phase of the project to ensure it meets requirements. Quality Assurance Engineers will work full-time within an office setting and thus must be comfortable working long periods in front of a computer. Quality Assurance Engineers are thorough in their work and have an unwavering patience to work in their role. They are great communicators who can provide their feedback and criticisms in a constructive manner.

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