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The Product Owner’s role is very similar to that of a Product Manager, and sometimes the job title can be interchangeable because they both oversee the running and development of every aspect of the product process. However, the Product Owner’s role will often be much more versatile, resulting in the individual adapting their role and participating in some of the production along the process.

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Product Owners display a thorough and expert understanding of users, the market, competition and the future trends of the market, in addition to the industry and technology in question. Product Owners are also able to envision the future of the system in development.

Subsequently, Product Owners will bear a big responsibility for the success or failure of a project and must be accountable to the team, stakeholders or owners of the company if any issues occur. It is therefore fundamental to a Product Owner’s success that they can prioritise tasks within the project, work well under pressure and have phenomenal organisational skills. Project Owner jobs are often highlighted as both a challenging and rewarding occupation for anyone who pursues it.