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A Product Manager is an essential role within a technology-based business, responsible for the strategy, plans and feature definition for the products produced by the company. In addition, the Product Manager will work alongside the creative team to come up with new ideas for the business and organising the most relevant ideas into features that meet the objectives of the company.

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Product Managers will analyse the market, complete a competitor analysis for each project and develop a product vision that simultaneously meets customer demands and is unique within the market. The Product Manager will also work alongside the product team to ensure the vision and strategy are implemented in every aspect of the design of the product.

Essentially, the role will often mean that the individual has a cross-functional leadership, like many Project Manager jobs, where they will need to advise the engineering, sales and marketing, and support teams to ensure the plans and visions are adhered to along every step of the process. The Product Manager is responsible for the implementation of deadlines, as well planning the releases such as the master release. Consequently, the individual in this role will have a direct bearing on the success of the project. It is therefore vitally important that Product Managers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to utilise within each aspect of their role.