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A Pre-Sales Consultant is employed as a technical expert who is tasked with working closely with the sales team or teams to ensure that the products and services being offered are tailored to meet the requirements of the customers.

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The duties of a Pre-Sales Consultant require them to work closely with other departments, such as attending meetings with Development Managers and acting as a technical expert.

Other duties can include:

  • Presenting proposals to customers alongside members of the sales team.
  • Ensuring their company’s product or service can deliver on their customer’s requirements.
  • Working closely with customer develop effective solutions.
  • Analysing market data to determine the ideal customer for a given product.

Previous experience of working within a technical Pre-Sales position is important, as is having a level of expertise in a specific subject relative to the company you are working within.

The ability to communicate technical information to non-technical members of staff in a way that is easy to understand is also a skill that is valuable to a member of the Pre-Sales team.