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An IT Delivery Manager is responsible for the management of the delivery of either new procedures, software, hardware, systems or networks. They must also promote and protects their teams time during the implementation process to ensure their production is at an optimum level.

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They will ensure that any implications that occur during the change do not affect the overall performance of the team, by resolving or removing the issues. Creating an environment and work space where employees can work to their maximum capacity, even though there are adaptions taking place, is also important. The IT Delivery Manager also ensures that the team is working effectively together on projects, rather than independently, allowing them to focus on how their contributions will affect the common goal, rather than their individual targets. The role requires candidates to motivate employees, provide support, guidance and solutions where necessary, without hindering progress.

Experience in running workshops, coaching teams and IT functions are preferred, along with the ability to recognise methods of improving productivity within a team. High interpersonal skills, effective communication, focus and self-motivation are required.