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What is an implementation consultant?

Implementation consultants are responsible for the:

  1. Design
  2. Setup
  3. Reviewing
  4. Monitoring
  5. Improvement

of a company’s IT systems.

An implementation consultant’s main duties are product requirement analysis and methodology execution. Sometimes implementation consultants are also responsible for network security.

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What are the main responsibilities of an implementation consultant?

The responsibilities of an implementation consultant vary due to the varied nature and size of the systems for which they are responsible.

The key responsibilities of an implementation consultant will typically  include:

  1. Analysing product requirements including installation, configuration, running, user training and delivery and making any necessary systems updates
  2. Communicating between departments in order to ensure successful IT sequencing
  3. Troubleshooting and the repair of any network problems that may arise
  4. Providing IT support to workers

Implementation consultants are often called upon to provide technical support to IT workers within their company, and this may involve travelling to remote locations to assist in person.

What skills and qualifications does an implementation consultant require?

The role of implementation consultant ideally requires a degree in Computer Science or another related discipline, such as IT. Other STEM subjects are also accepted by some employers.

Occasionally IT work experience is enough to secure an entry-level position, ideally in combination with an associate’s degree. However it is hard to progress as an implementation consultant without a relevant bachelor’s degree.

Additional skills required for the role of implementation consultant will include:

  1. An extensive, up to date knowledge of IT systems methodology and infrastructure
  2. Excellent organisation skills
  3. Excellent attention to detail
  4. A logical, analytical personality
  5. Good communication skills and interpersonal ability

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