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An ICT Manager is an authoritative role and requires a pro-active and problem-solving attitude. Information and communication technology is rapidly developing, and part of the role is to keep up to date with the changes in technology to ensure the organisation you work for can incorporate these developments ahead or in line with the progress of the industry.

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The key responsibilities of an ICT Manager include working with other department managers to assess the client’s needs concerning their current IT systems and ensuring a plan is established so that the ICT activities meet their goals. The role requires planning, developing, directing and coordinating the ICT improvements, ensuring they are in line with the organisation’s aims and objectives. ICT Managers must also ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of the ICT department, managing situations, providing support to employees and ensuring they are following guidelines and laws. The role is likely to continue to get more complex as more technical devices of communication, developments in systems and networks are created. ICT Managers need to be able to obtain and understand complex information, be a strong leader with initiative and confidence.