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The Head of IT is responsible for the overall performance of the electronic and digital functions within an organisation. The role varies depending on what other specialists are employed in the same organisation, although one of the main roles is to determine the IT needs of the organisation and be the first point of contact for employees in the IT department.

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The Head of IT guides employees with a shared aim and direction which ensures they are working efficiently, they delegate tasks to the appropriate team member, monitor the progress and conclude its completion. The role requires attendance at managerial discussions and meetings, which will be one of their main roles, rather than completing a specific IT job, although it is highly likely they will have the skill set to do so. The Head of IT will focus on the security of the organisation’s digital information and analyse, negotiate, implement and monitor a strategy. The skills required consist of, but aren’t limited to, effective communication, cash flow management and the ability to motivate and achieve a high performance from their team.