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An ERP Consultant is a professional who uses their methodology for integrating business applications into a single system. ERP consulting is a role that assists with selection, training and support for ERP systems.

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The primary role of an ERP Consultant is to assist an organisation in the transition to ERP software. Consultants can then assist with the full life-cycle of the project, from matching the businesses requirements with the correct software to managing change within a company as a result of the software.

An ERP Consultant is usually an individual who is technical-minded and can understand complex systems and manage multiple systems at the same time. The role is based around troubleshooting and upgrading the ERP software, as well as handling any issues with the software. An ERP Consultant will also be responsible for presenting a plan to management and teaching the ins and outs of the system to other employees. Eolas have a range of ERP Consultant jobs which are suitable for someone who demonstrates these skills.