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An E-commerce Consultant advises company owners on the best ways to improve their businesses. These professionals specialise in analysing, advising and developing the appropriate solutions for an organisation which are internet-based, or for those who utilise a form of online technology for business purposes.

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E-commerce Consultants look at the operational and technological needs of an organisation to improve a database system or improve their online presence. They assist with standards, technologies and practices for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce models, and are professionals who make a business easily accessible to customers, therefore, driving sales. They also monitor the day-to-day activity of the website and manage plug-in developments.

An E-commerce Consultant tends to have skills in business marketing and technology, and this is used for generating online sales. They improve how an organisation deals with its customers and offer support to maximise growth and value. E-commerce Consultants continuously monitor and improve customer offerings through personal service delivery. Eolas have a range of Ecommerce Consultant jobs which are suitable for someone who demonstrates these skills.