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The role of a Digital Manager can be a complex position within an organisation as they oversee the digital marketing strategy. A Digital Manager manages and utilises their skills and techniques to devise strategies and develop campaigns.

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Digital Managers should have strong knowledge within the digital sector and can lead an integrated team to achieve the organisation’s goals. They will work closely with the marketing team, as well as the Digital Consultant, to devise new strategies to help an organisation grow and adapt.

The responsibilities of a Digital Manager include overseeing scopes, planning, budgeting and imitation of digital accounts and projects. By reviewing new technologies, it can keep an organisation at the forefront of developments. A Digital Manager also uses web analytics tools to measure site traffic to better optimise marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media and display and search advertising. Strong writing skills are essential to effectively communicate the organisation’s message, as well as data analysis skills to extract value from reporting tools. Digital Managers are adaptable workers who can work alongside changes in new technologies and the goals of the organisation to ensure efficiency and success.