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A Data Warehouse Manager designs, develops and maintains a data warehouse and systems. They work closely with database developers, administrators to ensure that the data systems correspond to enterprise data architecture and strategy expectations.

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In addition to their technical responsibilities, Data Warehouse Managers are expected to oversee staff. Therefore communication skills are incredibly important in this particular role. A Data Warehouse Manager is responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining data warehouse development environments and is a critical role within an organisation, whose operational and growth goals depend on useful information collected from their data banks. The Data Warehouse Manager is at the centre of the action in this key function. This job role suits a candidate who has excellent analytical abilities and can analyse business opportunities and provide required recommendations which will increase productivity level of the data warehouse in the working environment. Roles can vary throughout each organisation; however, it is the role of the Data Warehouse Manager to monitor all long-term objectives and introduce the necessary decisions within an organisation.