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A Customer Relationship Manager should be in tune with their customers’ needs and should have sufficient experience in the industry so that they can guarantee success for their clients. The role will not only entail fulfilling a customer request but should also offer insights to improve any issues and challenges which may arise. The Customer Relationship Manager will also follow up on every issue and ensure complete satisfaction and maximum utilisation of the product or services sold to customers.

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Responsibilities of a Customer Relationship Manager include planning and distributing strategies across an organisation, encouraging customer retention through loyalty and overseeing direct communications with the customer. The CRM will ensure that the database is segmented effectively for targeted marketing activities.

They are responsible for proactively developing business relationships and securing additional business opportunities from both new and existing clients. The role is the focal point for new business development, and they will work effectively with directors and managers within the organisation to identify new products and growth opportunities, which will increase the profitability of the company.