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What is a compliance manager?

A compliance manager’s job is to ensure that the rules and regulations of a company are being upheld by all departments within it. The role varies widely depending on the company; compliance managers exist within most sectors, but will involve developing risk management strategies in order to enforce organisation policy.

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What are the key responsibilities of a compliance manager?

The assessment and interpretation of risk plays a considerable part in the role of a compliance manager, as does the development of strategies to prevent risk.

Key responsibilities for the role of compliance manager include:

  1. Risk assessment and the implementation of risk management strategy for businesses
  2. Extensive and up to date knowledge of laws and regulations relevant to the company and the compliance procedures that pertain to them
  3. The education of employees on such laws and regulations, as well as the penalties for non-compliance
  4. The identification, investigation and follow up of a wide range of compliance issues within the company
  5. Recording and reporting current risk and compliance issues to management

What skills and qualifications does a compliance manager require?

There are no specific qualifications necessary to become a compliance manager. Generally employers prefer applicants with commercial or numbers-based degrees as well as those who have studied law, or accountancy. Compliancy courses run by the International Compliance Association (ICA) are well-respected by employers.

Many graduate schemes offer work experience in compliance, but this is advantageous rather than necessary. Generally the emphasis is on transferable skills.

A compliance manager must possess:

  1. Excellent critical and analytical thinking skills
  2. Excellent problem solving ability
  3. Good focus and attention to detail
  4. Strong multitasking and project management skills
  5. Effective communication
  6. The ability to work well under pressure

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