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A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for overseeing the current technology of an organisation and creates relevant policy, with a focus on new technologies.

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The main objective of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role is to align technology-related decisions with the goals of the organisation, furthering the growth of the business in terms of digital technology. The role is varied, and job specifics vary within organisations, but typically a CTO oversees opportunities and risks for the business. They will also manage research and development, monitor technology and relevant social trends, participate in management decisions about corporate governance and communicate the strategy to partners, investors and employees.

As with many information technology jobs, the ideal candidate will be organised, with a creative mind-set that drives them to find innovative solutions to common problems. The role is responsible for a vast amount of the company’s relationship with technologies, meaning that a proven track record of success in leadership positions is beneficial. At least a basic understanding of marketing platforms, programs and policies is essential, and employers will usually require several years of experience in the IT industry.