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A Chief Information Officer is typically the most senior IT and technology individual within an organisation and is a strategic business leader that looks to drive change and positive transformation.

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The role of Chief Information Officer is dynamic and is always evolving to meet the demands of technology advances, digital ecosystems, business model innovation and customer expectations. With an ever-increasing focus on digital, this role requires individuals to take on a key leadership role in the critical strategic, technical and management initiatives. This covers a wide range of fields, from information security and algorithms to customer experience and leveraging data. They are key in preventing security threats and driving business growth.

To succeed in IT director jobs, you will usually need to be proficient in establishing IT services frameworks and security policies. Existing project management and budget management skills will also help, as will an aptitude for customer engagement analysis. The ideal candidate will possess personal attributes such as empathy, optimism, teamwork, integrity and humour, which are particularly relevant to IT leadership or executive roles.