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One of the most challenging, yet rewarding IT manager jobs, a Change Manager will oversee change initiatives, ensuring that big organisations experience a smooth transition on every level.

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The Change Manager role requires you to ensure that the project meets all its objectives, including time and budget restrictions. A Change Manager will focus on the people side of the transition, ensuring that employees at every level can utilise the new systems to the best of their abilities, and are confident in doing so. This is key to the overall success of a change initiative, and Change Managers need to acknowledge that unless the programmes are used appropriately, the advantages will be significantly minimised.

Change Managers will need to possess a solid understanding of how people experience change and implement that knowledge in daily business practice. Strong teamwork is essential, and they must have excellent active listening skills to work collaboratively and effectively with people at all levels of the organisation. A familiarity with project management approaches, tools and phases is desirable, and the ability to influence others to move toward a common vision is important to ensure success.