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Working within Change Management can be one of the most satisfying IT jobs because you will be able to see the positive effects of all your hard work. Change management jobs require you to take a leading role in change initiatives, ensuring that objectives are met on time and budget.

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Within Change Management, there is a focus on the people side of change, including the changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organisation structures. They will be in charge of creating and implementing change management strategies that can maximise employee adoption, usage and minimise resistance, focusing on improvements in the adoption of the change and a higher utilisation amongst employees. These improvements will usually involve increasing benefit realisation, value creation, return on investment and the achievement of results.

Prospective change management applicants will need to show a solid understanding of how different people experience change and knowledge of the relevant management principles, methodologies and tools. Candidates should be able to establish strong working relationships while possessing the ability to influence others and work together towards a common vision or goal. To succeed within the role, you will possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and can communicate and work at all levels of the organisation.