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The goal of a Business Process Manager is to reduce human error and miscommunications and to help focus stakeholders on their role requirements.

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The role of Business Process Manager (BPM) can be considered as an administrative area that is concerned with maintaining and optimising an organisation’s core operations and equipment. A point of contact within a company between the line-of-business and the IT department, BPM’s enable an effective two-way communication system between the two. One of the most gratifying of IT jobs, Business Process Manager’s main focus is to identify key issues and problem areas, before creating a realistic solution that can be implemented as soon as possible.

Business Process Managers are often working to deadlines, and must react quickly should anything go wrong. This means that those who have experience in time-management or can work well under pressure are the ideal candidates. Understanding that meaningful change typically requires ongoing improvements is vital, as is acknowledging that changing one step of the process can impact other segments of the business further down the line. A big part of the role is engaging with current employees to inspire and empower them to embrace the new process once it has been implemented. The ideal candidate will also have exceptional determination, self-motivation and interpersonal skills.