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A Business Process Analyst draws inferences from process details and links them to the bigger picture through considering business objectives and identifying process improvements.

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Working as a Business Process Analyst (BPA) is one of the most wide-ranging business analysis jobs, providing variety in the workplace, and those who take on the role will find themselves immersed in an array of different projects. You will work with business teams and the IT department in order to identify the best way to design new processes and solve any issues relating to the process. Business Process Analysts will have an in-depth knowledge of process mapping and business process engineering, with the overall objective being to find out how they can be improved or automated.

To succeed in this role, candidates must be able to visualise the bigger picture, understand the project objectives and can apply their understanding of how these processes should work to operational improvement initiatives. BPA’s are often required to understand how ERP, BPM, CRM and BI tools operate, so any experience in these fields is desirable. Great written and verbal communications is a must, along with problem-solving, time management and the ability to create and maintain professional working relationships.