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What is a Build Engineer?

A build engineer creates applications for a range of different technologies and makes them available for manufacture. The engineer will research and compile regular reports and performance metrics on the software building process and recommendations around what can be done to improve it. They will also create and release company product guidelines.

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What are the main responsibilities of a build engineer?

While the exact responsibilities of a build engineer will depend on their seniority and the company for which they are working, the build engineer’s primary responsibility is to manage software builds, configuration and deployment. Build engineers also assist in troubleshooting and general support.

Typical requirements of the role of a build engineer include:

  1. Responsibility for the creation of applications for a variety of technologies
  2. Building and maintaining automation scripts
  3. Researching and implementing ways to improve the software building process
  4. Creating and releasing guidelines for company products
  5. Communicating information about the building process to managers in reports
  6. Efficient troubleshooting and problem investigation

What skills and qualifications does a build engineer require?

The role of a build engineer requires a degree in computer science or an equivalent subject.

As a senior position, candidates generally need a minimum of five years’ experience in a build and release engineering environment.

Key skills required for the role of a build engineer include:

  1. Excellent knowledge of key systems, databases and technologies
  2. An up to date knowledge of release procedures
  3. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills
  5. The ability to adapt to a fast-paced work environment
  6. Attention to detail
  7. The ability to work to deadlines